The only parenting advice you’ll ever need

Never put more in a cup than you’re willing to clean up


Eight weeks 

I was never a great blogger, so I shouldn’t really be surprised that this is so out of date now that Joey has arrived. But seven weeks? Impressive even by my standards.

Life since Joey arrived had been a bit of a blur and I’m not quite sure where to start…

Might go with point form 

  • Little miss has been a great feeder and seems to be putting on weight well. She hasn’t been weighed in two weeks but last weigh in she was looking good and on  track. She was at about the 50th% ile  at birth and continues to maintain that. 
  • She is out of 0000 size, and I’ve already had a few moments of  ‘my baby is growing up too quick ‘! I’m glad we got to experience her as a cute little newborn, even though to others she would still look tiny 
  • BF is not as easy as it I thought would be. I ended up calling in a lactation consultant to help with a painful latch. Best money I’ve ever spent, and now for the most part bfing isn’t painful. I still get engorgement and a painful latch until Joey takes the edge off, but its only sometimes painful rather than all the time 
  • Joey is a spewy baby. I think it’s reflux but as she is not crying in pain and gaining weight well it  seems to be out of the range of where we need to Get Something Done About it. I’m currently experimenting with being dairy free -sometines I think it’s working ,other times not so much. For now we are doing lots of washing, lots of bib wearing, and always having a cloth to catch nearby.
  • She slept through!!!! The last few nights she has gone 9-5am or thereabouts. She will grump and cluster feed for several hours before hand and finally pass out exhausted. I’m usually not far behind her 
  • Sunday is  DP and I’s  first mothers day as  mums. Dp has to work but at least we have the morning together.
  • It’s been lovely weather the last day or so in Melbourne, the last of the warmth I would say!

8 days old

Last blog post I wrote and forgot to publish- found it in my drafts and decided to load it up anyway. Although the dates are wrong (i’ll try to sort that out later) I figured I would still publish it as a record of the pregnancy.

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32 Weeks

Eeekkk! 8 weeks to go!!!!!

Joey is the size of: a naked tailed armadillo, which is not a good predictor of size as Ive no idea what this animal is. I do know its not very attractive (see below). I also don’t know any of the items on the the alternative ‘size of’ categories on the Ovia app so lets just say Joey is the size of a 32w baby in utero.


Symptoms: Heartburn has gone away (yay!), but leg cramps are back in force.

Mild morning sickness is also back, generally around 11am. I haven’t been sick but there has been bit of nausea and oh-god-why-is-it-so-hot-in-here moments.

Getting lots of Braxton Hicks. At least I think thats what they are. Painless, very firm abs. I get them when I basically start doing any walking, if my bladder is full, anytime really. I read online that I should call the ob if they come more then 4 times in an hour. I haven’t timed them out but I would be close to more then 4 in an hour, but if I stop what Im doing they go away, and restart when I resume. Example- walking to the car from work. When I get in the car they go away (stopped walking) but then come back when I walk from the car to the house. Does that count as two, or does it not matter because Im doing something to cause them? Will mention it to the ob at our appointment on Wednesday.

Weight Gain: This is one Im definitely winning it! Up 13 kgs from start, the little Ovia graph has me above the recommended max gain. Im not concerned for myself personally, as long as Joey is ok in there.

Ive been on the serious munch this last week. I was away Monday-Friday for work and think there might have been some comfort/bored eating in there. I just could not get full, or step away from the fridge.

Maternity clothes?: Going to ditch this category as from now on its yes, all the way. Maternity jeans, dresses, pants, bras, undies. The only thing I don’t have are maternity stockings/tights to wear under work dresses, but I’m going to go bare legged from now on at work (can’t be bothered with having to put stockings on)

Purchases for Joey: Sares has been doing great at this. Too well. Joey now has no shortage of blankets. No shortage whatsoever. Last weeks opportunistic purchase whilst I was away:

Onesie and Yet Another Freaking Blanket

Movement: Nice and reassuringly frequent. Smaller, less defined kicks. More into the category of wriggles.

Best Moment this week: Realising Im pretty much done with travel for work! I have spoken to my boss about scaling back on travel (i.e I declined a 2 day/overnight trip to Sydney at 35 weeks in case I got stuck there). This has been interpreted as no travel from now on, which isn’t so bad really. There are no pressing trips between now and my last day, but its nice to know I’ll be around home from now on. Yay for stability!!!

Sares won’t know whats hit her- she’s currently happy that I won’t be travelling. I think she might change her mind when Im home and being a task-master! She needs to finish off her crochet projects for a start, and if I want something done involving lifting/pushing/carrying etc, she’ll be the one to do it (hello, lawn mowing!).

I also got a mini 3D Ultrasound- the hospital I was working with had some new machines they wanted to try out (and Im visibly in the third trimester category). The sonographers  approached me in the tea room, and I was keen to have a little look at Joey in 3D. The bonus was that it was free. Joey was face up this time, so I got the shots below- one is cute, in the other Joey looks like an old man. Very chubby cheeks though, hopefully means some good growing and weight gain in there!

The cute shot
The old man shot!

Whats on this week: Australia Day on Tuesday and the Monday as a day of leave means I have a 4 day weekend. Sares and I are off to the Open- I love going to the tennis here in Melbourne and seeing the city skyline from the courts. Hopefully the rain nicks off in time for Monday.

Im missing: Being comfortable, sitting up straight, flexibility. Im still really lucky with basically no side effects, so I can’t complain.

Health and Exercise:Have been on the chomp (and not eating that healthy) and no exercise due to BH kicking in when I try to do anything. So fail. And fail.

Mood: Relaxed due to the fact I can’t be bothered with maintaining standards or commitments. I have four weeks left of work and will be able to get through those without completely dropping the ball, but that will be it. Baby Shower is in about a month, will need to organise some stuff for that. But not today.

Nesting:  Has not really kicked in yet for me. Shares has been doing enough for both of us.

I bought extra food to start making some freezer meals for after Joeys arrival. The clothes are pretty much all washed. Im having a chill out on the couch today, and will get some cleaning and organising done tomorrow, but Im not in a fever to do it.

We need to clean a space in our bedroom out for Joeys bassinet. So much decluttering to do, Im putting it off by finding other things to do (surely the kitchen floor needs a mop?)

The Bump: No stretch marks still, belly stripe is very obvious! I’ll try to take a bump shot some time today and upload later