Well, there’s a baby in there!

Much to my surprise, today’s scan showed a heartbeat, with measurements exactly right for dates.

I’ll still hold my breath until after NIPT and 13w scan, but right now, we are go for baby!



One week till scan.

No real symptoms as yet- some sore b00bs, some extra hunger, but no real nausea like I had w Joey.

Did a FRER today to a. See the line come up straight away and b. Get the damn sticks out of the house, and both aims achieved.


HCG has come back today at 2112, or a bit over double in 48 hours. Pretty happy with that!

It’s lower then my previous pregnancies that have made it to HB stage. I’ve got to keep reminding myself that each pregnancy is different and not to read to much into variations.

Judgemental forum speak

It’s struck me how judgy forums are. One of my favourites (not) is “each to their own”. Seriously???

Why bother saying anything? You may as well say “well *I* wouldn’t do it, but if you want to smother/emotionally stunt/other your child, go ahead and I’ll be here to say Told You So”.

Ftttt. It’s up there with “with all due respect” and “hun”.


I’m back in Australia, and lost Saturday during the flight. In any case I’m back on Australian time and Australian dates.

Keeping on

17dp3dt/ 20dpo

I haven’t tested for most of the week as I’ve been too busy with work to get to a pharmacy to buy tests.

This is today’s. Beta is on Monday.

If this actually turns out I will be very very surprised, considering the way it started.


How’s this for a head f%@k?

It’s light for 14dpo, but so much darker than two days ago (when I ran out of FRERs). If I wasn’t early testing, I wouldn’t think anything was out of the ordinary.

I still don’t think it will turn out ok, but I’m glad I didn’t chuck the meds in early.


11dpo and the slightest of second lines. No change since yesterdays and not really expecting it to work out now. Mixed feelings, considering we were debating not transferring, and now feeling disappointed.

It’s much simpler when you’re 100% in.